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Welcome to SeascapeModeling.org!

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Seascape Modeling presents the news, results, and opinions of personnel in the Ecosystem Modeling Lab and our collaborators. The EMLab is a joint effort between the University of Maine's School of Marine Sciences and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. The goal of SeascapeModeling is to provide up-to-the-minute (well, more likely, the month) information on efforts to understand the link between physical and biological conditions in the ocean. As our name suggests, modeling is major thrust of our research, although we interpret modeling broadly to include analytical models, computer simulations, and statistical models. We're even open to conceptual models, as long as they come with a cool diagram. Some examples of our work:

- Documenting a regime shift in the Gulf of Maine plankton community
- Models to estimate the abundance of the copepod Calanus finmarchicus
- Models linking C.fin. abundance to the presence of endangered right whales

For more information on our past and ongoing work, check out our projects page. To see our latest results or random thoughts, check out our blog.

Here are some recent publications: