Cruise Day 5: Pete eats krill

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From Pete:
Today was great. Sunny, calm, and beautiful. Right now we're steaming to our last station of the day, the moon is rising (pic below) and the bioluminescence is awesome. Our bow wave is glowing brilliant green and you can see schools of fish swimming by like shooting stars under the wAter. Too low light for good pictures, sorry. Today we saw (to name a few):  several fin whales, a minke, a basking shark right off the stern, lots of shearwaters, blackbacks, and storm petrels, a few gannetts and a northern fulmar.

Becoming one with my thesis project I covered my head with water at Platts bank and ate a euphausiid alive. I swear, I can still feel it squirming in my belly.

Northern krill Meganyctiphanes norvegica

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