Cruise Day 7: VOLT

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Day 7.  Wrapping up the "VOLT" cruise.  We've been calling it the Volt cruise, because the track roughly spells out the word "volt".  (See image.)  We didn't hit every station, due to some weather limitations, but we crammed in as many as possible when the weather allowed.

Some notes ... an extraordinary amount of bioluminescence on the "O" transects, south of Penobscot Bay.  Also, it appears that there are fewer copepods (right whale food) here than one might expect, based on the patterns we see elsewhere and in the past.  This is preliminary at this point, until we count the samples.

Stay tuned for some of our analysis of the cruise, as well as some whale photos and other highlights that Pete has saved up.

Cruise plan, marking the stations we have hit so far.

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