OSM Day 4--Fred's Talk

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The official meeting started at 8AM this morning.  Meetings like this are the intellectual equivalent of drinking from a firehouse.  At any given time, there are 15 different sessions in progress.  Each session is organized around a particular theorem, and the themes at this meeting cover the full gamut of oceanography.  About a year ago, groups of scientists submitted proposals for sessions.  Once the sessions were selected, the oceanographic community was asked to submit abstracts.  An abstract is a brief (~one paragraph) description of a study, and when you submit an abstract, you select which session you think is most appropriate for your work.  Then, one of three things happens.  1. The session rejects your abstract, possibly passing to another session, 2. The session accepts your abstract and invites you to give a talk, or 3. The session accepts your abstract and asks to you prepare a poster.

Usually, breakfast is spent looking over the titles of the talks, and figuring out which ones you'll try to see.  One talk was easy to add.  Our very own Frederic Maps gave a talk at 8:30 in the morning on his work modeling copepods.  Depending on the talk and the session, you can have anywhere from a few people to more than 50 (remember, you're up against 14 other talks).  As you an see from the picture below, Fred's talk was quite popular:


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