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I've been looking for a good book on climate change, and may finally have found one.  No, it's not Al Gore's new book (pretty, but pricey), it's the latest in the Magic School Bus adventures: The Magic School Bus And The Climate Challenge.  Sure, Joanna Cole writes at a fourth grade level and Bruce Degen's drawings, while fun and whimsical, would not be acceptable in a peer-reviewed article.  However, the book does a really great job explaining some of the key concepts behind climate change.  Some highlights:

  • Good discussion of the difference between climate and weather
  • Accurate description of how greenhouse gases allow sunlight in, but make it hard for heat to get out
  • Great presentation of how less Arctic ice means warmer water and even less ice (my favorite).
  • Description of how fossil fuels are used and why they contribute to climate change.

While the book isn't the best Magic School Bus (that would have to be the Electric Field Trip), it's definitely near the top.  It would make a great gift for a young person, school, or climate skeptic in your life.  Also, judging from Miss Frizzle's dress on the final page, I think Coale and Degen will soon be weighing in on another controversial-but-shouldn't-be topic.  Can't wait to review that one!

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