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Just thought I'd post a quick update, and share a few links with you. The first is a ship tracker. It gets updated every so often, so the position may be a few days out of date. You can check out where we are by looking at this site.

There's also several other people blogging on here too. We have a school teacher from Rhode Island, who is shadowing our lab group, and a journalist who is writing for Nature magazine. Hopefully I'll finally get my name in Nature! Finally, the official site will have updates from the Chief Scientist, as well as all the details about the other five Bering Ecosystem Study (BESt) cruises that there have been. It's not been published yet, but we have been told that the first post has been submitted!

I'll post again tomorrow, as we will be deploying sediment traps - basically several open topped tubes that catch anything and everything falling in to them. I'll explain why after we deploy them.

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