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Each night, as we dock further and further downeast, wireless resources dwindle.  One might find oneself quailed down against a warehouse, between a flickering coke machine and a trash bin, dodging raccoons, just to get a link to the grid.

So, I'll be brief. 

We continue to pound out our transects, as the attached cartography indicates.  We have only a handful of stations left.  Depending on how we prioritize our remaining time, we may or may not hit all of them.  In either case, we've had our most successful cruise of this project, covering a much broader area than in previous years.  Wildlife has been modest, though we have had cameos from fin, sei, and humpback whales, basking sharks and mola molas, and our old chum, the Atlantic puffin.  Expect Pete to follow up with photos, when we reach ample wireless.

Nick Record, signing off.


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