The Twilight Series, part 2: what are those creatures?

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Week 3 since the cruise, and the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to come into focus.  Cameron's incubation experiments indicate a presence we've not sensed since last year--the presence of diapausing copepods deep in the abyss.  As I typed earlier, I'm getting a similar signal in the laser data: an anomalously large aggregation of particles at just the size and depth we would expect to find C. finmarchicus.  Here is another view:


While it is possible that this deep aggregation of particles is some mysterious, and as yet undiscovered presence in the gulf, the evidence points to one plausibility: if it quacks like a copepod, it's probably a copepod.

I returned to my personal microcomputer to plot up quasi-silhouettes from the lasers, showing these particles.  Here are the preliminary results:

A glance at this image is far from conclusive, and it remains to demonstrate that the blobules we see are actually diapausing copepods.  I conjecture that they are indeed that, and I am presently taking steps to convince myself that I'm correct.

Nick Record, signing off.

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