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You may not buy it, but I swear I did not have the time to make a post earlier ! When scientists gather together, they are a pretty busy bees !

So a typical busy day of workshop looks like that:

1) Wake up early

Early.jpg2) Look for coffee, urgently... smell it, ask for it, but find it !
3) Begin to articulate intelligible English after a hot coffee and socialize in front of a copious breakfast.
4) Gather in a room locked from outside and listen to talks, talks, talks...
5) Wow, first groundbreaking concept of the day !

Curchister.jpg6) After that, everyone is allowed to go eat and socialize before...
7) ... gathering again and listen to talks, talks, talks...
8) After this intense listening, eat, escape to gather somewhere nice and... talk about all those amazing talks !

Group_sunset.jpg9) Finally, because we have to, go to bed and dream about all what we heard counciously and unconsciously during the day.

So be patient, I've already dreamed about some real juicy science blog posts. They are coming soon.

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