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The Patagonia Diaries will be up soon on a separate link.  Meanwhile, here are the latest from our travelers.

From Andy, just this brief correspondence:

Patagonia is awesome.  We collected some temp profiles and are headed out to do more today.  Saw sea lions, penguins, and the world's coolest cormorant.


And from Pete:

Patagonian BBQ

Well, the meat of choice in Chile is lamb. And the Patagonian way to barbecue is to splay the lamb, skewer it, and than hang it vertically by the fire (see first picture). In the north, they use spits, but here, the meat is cooked vertically. Patagonians take this seriously and it was delicious. Hands on. Very sweet and tender. The event took place on a man named Choco's ranch, in his barbecue hut (see second picture). Yes, Choco has a log cabin, dedicated to barbecue.

Needless to say, it was a cool place and full of stories: a blue whale vertebra on a stump in the yard, an antique motorcycle leaning against the building, enormous logs for the roof, horses running on the ridge above the house, and mountains in every direction.

Today we flew from Coyhaique to Melimoyu. Our original plan was to drive and take a boat, but impending weather meant fly or wait for three days for the ocean to calm down. That adventure tomorrow...



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