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Some time ago, I wrote an entry philosophizing on the idea of an eco-cast -- that is, an ecosystem forecast delivered like a daily weather forecast, complete with a debonniare newscaster.  This ... was my vision:


Sadly, our copepod / right whale forecasting project has all but wrapped up by now.  We did produce a few forecasts over the years (e.g. here, here, here, here...), both online and in print, but we never did the movie-star version.

A couple of days ago, on a ferry ride to work, I threw together a whimsical video of what such an eco-cast might look like.  The quality (including the newscaster) is not what you would find on cable TV -- you'll notice the amateur nature of it right away -- but it does start to make tangible the idea of an eco-cast.


-Nick Record, signing off

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this is awesome.
"you stay classy Provincetown"

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