What do you get when you cross mathematicians with oceanographers?

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(Mathematicians) (Oceanographers) sin θ ?

Something about a "sine wave"?

I'm sure there's a punchline there somewhere.

At any rate, I recently returned from a great workshop where a subset of mathematicians and a subset of oceanographers intersected in the same pool.  It took place at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute at Ohio State.  The mix of people and perspectives was great, and the atmosphere was one of learning and brainstorming.  There is certainly a need for more integration of these two fields.

The talks spanned a range of topics, ranging from mathy to oceany.  Many of the presentations were live-streamed, and can be downloaded here.  My talk, "Toward a Grand Unified Theory of Copepods" is posted here:
Before you click, be warned: it's nearly an hour long.  Make certain you have some time--you might not be able to tear yourself away.

-Nick Record, signing off.

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