Dead whales are beautiful!

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Last year, we spent a certain amount of time and energy blogging about dead whales.  The Seascape crew's big contribution to our knowledge of dead whales was to calculate the carbon transferred from the atmosphere (or at least the surface ocean) to the deep sea in the carcasses of sinking whales.  Craig Smith from Scripps has been studying "whale falls" for many years, and his work describing the special communities of organisms that have evolved to exploit dead whales inspired me to think about dead whales.  The pictures from his work always rank high on the disgust-o-meter.  That's why I was so excited when a friend sent me this video:
The video was developed for the Radiolab.  You can see the original video here, and there is also a link to the podcast, which features Dr. Smith, that inspired the animation.  I'll be listening to the podcast on my next drive to Orono.

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