Dr. Record

Nick successfully defended his Ph.D. yesterday, and as the photo below shows, he is now Dr. Record*.
Not that kind of doctor.

The general assessment of Nick's committee was that his thesis was one of the best they've read.  It covered a wide range of topics, from computational methods, to copepod life history, to biodiversity theory.  The Kraken, though, seemed a bit skeptical, and had posed one of the harder questions:

I thought Nick handled the question well, but the Kraken seemed to have more he wanted to discuss.  Still, Kraken did decide to give Nick a bottle of something to help him celebrate.  Congrats Nick!

*assuming he turns in his thesis.


It must have been an epic defense!
Now the compupod has its place in the mythological bestiary of the EML, along with the Kraken!
Well done.
I suggest a get-together to watch "Mothra vs Godzilla", the closest movie I can think of with copepod-like and kraken-like creatures...

Way to go Nick!

Also, very impressed with the Kraken.

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