HMS AP Meeting Day 2

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Well, I will keep this short since our days have been long and jam packed with discussion.  Today the focus was on amendments to the shark plan and swordfish amendments.  I will not address each of these in the detail we discussed, but I will say that a common theme across all HMS species is the lack of certainty with the stock assessments for these species.  In fact, for many species of large and coastal shark species there is so little data or the data is so poor the assessments scientist cannot even make a recommendation as to how the stock should be managed.  Also, some species of coastal sharks are thought to be so low in numbers that their rebuilding plans are to set to achieve rebuilt stats by 2070-2099.  That is not a typo.........the stocks for some of these species would take almost 100 years to rebuild.  Now this is, in my opinion, a little ridiculous since we can barely assess stock within a couple of years.  In any case I think it indicates there are some serious problems with some of these species.  At the end of the day comments on bluefin were extended about another 30 minutes and then a small off the record discussion went on for another hour or so til about 7:30pm.  Sorry to keep this short, but gotta run.  

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