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I'm working on a more extensive post on forecasting temperatures and lobsters, but the cod have caught me.  In the meantime, here are a few links to satisfy our reader(s):

1. Here is a time-lapse video that Dom put together from the fall Gulf of Maine cruise on the Cape Hatteras. It's a pretty cool view of life on a research vessel, and I like how he highlights interesting moments by switch from time-lapse to slo-mo.

2. I was interviewed for a couple of stories on warming in the Gulf of Maine.  The WCSH story has a nice video that features my colleague Bob Steneck.  The HuffPo article has some nice quotes by Jeff Runge.  Both Tom Zeller from HuffPo and Don Carrigan from WCSH were amazing to work with.  They had each clearly put in many hours of research before talking to me and both spent at least an hour in the lab.

Huffington Post: Climate Change Impacts Ripple Through Fishing Industry While Ocean Science Lags Behind

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