Invasion of the jellyfish!

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It seems like I'm the only one along the coast of Maine not to have seen a jellyfish this year.  That's probably more a comment on my lack of contact with the ocean because, by all reports, there are tons of jellyfish along the coast of Maine this year.

Everyone on the coast is talking about jellies, and it seems that Nick and I are what pass for jellyfish experts.  Perhaps someday we'll get a massive Calanus outbreak, but until then, it's really fun to have people talking about the ocean.  Although we don't know a whole lot of what a normal jellyfish year looks like, it's pretty clear that this year is unusual.  I think it's noteworthy that this summer is warm and that the reports started coming in when we had a big jump in temperature in early June.  The other year with lots of jellyfish chatter was 2012.  Still, lots of work is needed to really put this story together.

If you need your Nick and Andy fix, check us out in the Portland Press Herland and on the radio at MPBN.  Until I get to the ocean to get some real underwater jellyfish pics, here's one of me dressed as a jellyfish:

photo by Petri Touhimaa, GMRI

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