Year in Review

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Since top-10 lists are so last decade, I've decided to summarize SeascapeModeling's 2009 as a reverse top 7 list:

7 presentations (Ecological Society of America, Society for Marine Mammologists Biennial, Gulf of Maine Symposium, GLOBEC Open Science Meeting, Right Whale Consortium Meeting)

6 months of mostly operational copepod & right whale forecasts

5 invited lectures (Southern Marine Community College, Louisiana State University, Marine Environment Research Institute, National Science Teachers Association)

4 poster presentations (Gulf of Maine Symposium,  Society for Marine Mammologists Biennial, SMS Grad Student Symposium)

3 graduate students (Pete, Dan, Nick)

2 post docs (Fred and Eli)

1 new Ph. D. **

**pending final edits to the dissertation

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Don't forget:

8 days aboard the Stelwagen

9 Manuscripts (all in prep.)

10 Lords a leaping

11 Cohen Center presentations (at least)

12 installations of snow leopard

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