Gulf of Maine Temperature Trends

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Happy 2014 to you, dear Seascape reader(s)! To kick off another year of oceanographic musings, here is the updated temperature trend for the Gulf of Maine:


This is essentially the same figure we used to show the 2012 event, but extended through early September (the last available AVHRR OI field).  As you can see, 2013 was cooler than 2012, but was still a very warm year. The recent warming trend has continued (it's actually a little stronger), and 2012 still stands out as unusual.  Of course, this doesn't include the impact of a few very cold days recently (I'm talking about you, polar vortex), nor does it include the very mild weather we're experiencing now.  Temperatures in the ocean change much more slowly than those on land, and water temperatures are a better indicator of climate trends than the weather on a given day.  I hope to update the SST animations in a couple of weeks.


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