The jellyfish are here

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The last two summers have seen massive outbreaks of unearthly jellyfish in coastal Maine. I'm already getting reports this summer of some sizable moon jellyfish aggregations in Midcoast. 

If you see any jellyfish, you can report on our reporting page:

or email me at

I'll have some write-ups soon in the Working Waterfront and Maine Boats, Homes, & Harbors. Stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, here is a map comparing the sightings of whitecross jellyfish from last summer (yellow dots) to a swath of ocean (shaded area) where Dr. Henry Bigelow was shocked by high numbers of whitecross jellyfish in the summer of 1912:


The overlap is noteworthy. At the time, Dr. Bigelow was as surprised on seeing them as we are today, writing:

 "This was quite the contrary to what we expected, as the northeastern corner of the Gulf and the Bay of Fundy have always been credited with a rich pelagic life...our nets did not yield a single young fish along this whole stretch of coast.

Enjoy the summer. More soon.

- Nick Recørd, signing off

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